Collection: Pup Play Gear

What is a Pup Play gear?

Whether you are a new pup, or an experienced one, you'll want the very best pup play gear to help you get in your puppy state. Choose the colours and design of your gear to let your puppy persona shine through.

At Pup Hood UK our pup play gear accessories include collars, leashes and harnesses. All great additions for those who want to go deep into their pup head space. They are available in several colours and styles.

We also stock PPE protective gear to help protect your hands and knees when you are in your puppy state and let your canine instincts take over and spend a lot of time enjoying yourself on all 4s.

Features of our Alpha Pup Gear Set

The brow circumference on these hoods is 59cm or 23”. These may be a snug fit at first but will stretch to fit your head the more you enjoy them. The harness is available in medium or large.

We've every colour you can think of but of course, if you want something we don't have, please just woof.

Our gear sets include a Beta Pup Collar - A very comfortable and adjustable spandex collar with a hook.

Benefits of using a pup play gear

Wearing a pup hood and gear set helps the release from your human nature and frees you to behave more like your pup personality. You'll find yourself no longer constrained by your human tendencies to enjoy a more carefree attitude and escape from life's troubles, full of confidence!