Collection: Pup Hood

What is a Pup Hood?

if you are new to puppy play; a pup hood is essentially a mask that's shaped like a dog's head. At Pup Hood UK ours are made of Comfortable, soft and stretchy neoprene and spandex to fit almost every pup.

Pup hoods have eyelets and fissures in the nose and mouth area where the wearer can breathe and speak through.

Ours also feature a detachable muzzle so you can chew on a bone, or whatever else you choose to put in your mouth.

Who can wear a pup hood?

Anyone can wear a pup hood to release their puppy personality but they will need a handler to take charge of the relationship. The pup hood is worn by a puppy, the submissive party in pup play

As soon as the pup puts on his hood he becomes a dog, and just like a dog, he has an owner, a master. 

Pup Hood UK's pup hoods feature a snout and ears, shaped like a dog's own. 

The master may choose the pup hood or the puppy does. The puppy may even get a complete costume - Check out our Pup Play Gear.