Pup Play 101

Roleplay is not limited to human roles, some people prefer animal-like roles, and what other animal than man’s best friend. 

Puppies' appeal has gone beyond seeing. It has become an obsession for some, so much that they want to take on the puppy's personality for a while whether sexual or not. This is what brought about pup play 

Pup-play started as far back as the 17th century and became more known with the help of the internet around the 90s. After it gained popularity with the internet's invention, more people became more open about their love for pup-play. 

Pup play involves wearing a pup hood going down on all four, growling, romping, having nonverbal conversations, barking, and maybe even wagging their butt-plug pup tails! Many like to wear costumes as it makes it more interesting, but costumes are not a must. 

Sexual Part of Pup-play

Pup-play is a subculture of BDSM considering the roles involved (handler and pup). It is consensual and the duration of the act depends on the individual. it can be only for the sexual experience duration, while some can choose to extend it beyond the bedroom. 

It is more common among guys than women, and it seems more in gay relationships. And it brought about the term gay puppy play.

Non-sexual part of Pup-play

Even though many love it for the sexual part, there are a few who do the pup-play for platonic reasons. In large social events and Saturday nights gatherings, a few people act as pups to play with children or relax with their friends. 

You do not have to choose a side, you can be in it for the sexual and non-sexual part. 

Why Pup-play?

  • A sexual pleasure to parties involved 

  • A form of self-expression and extension

  • Creates bonds and relationships between members of the pup play community

  • To relax and escape from self and reality.

Roles in Pup play


The handler takes the role of the human in the pet-human role. The handler is more like the Dominant in the relationship. The handler can sometimes dote on the pup, curl up with it, or be seen training the pup. 

But it is the handler’s work to protect and be responsible for the pup. If the parties are ok with it, the roles can be switched sometime to make it more interesting.


The pup is to act as the pet, from going down on all four to howling, barking, and taking puppies’ form. There can be many pups to one handler, but it is usually a handler to one pup at a time. 


The use of costumes in pup play is not compulsory, but it makes it more interesting. The most common costumes used are masks, collars, leashes, and butt plugs that double as a tail. Some puppy play sets include cuffs and other sex toys.


The pup play community is part of the queer community and at large the LGBTQ+ community. And it is open to all gender, nationalities, sexuality, age, and shape. It is a form of self-expression so anyone can be a part. 

In the community, some come together to form a family where there is hierarchy and mentorship. A newbie in the pup community can join a family to learn, pick up skills or be part of a pack.


Pup play is not like dog slavery, and it does not identify as bestiality. Pup play is meant to be fun, and pleasurable for all parties involved. It is also meant to be consensual and safe, with no party feeling abused, humiliated, or uncomfortable. 

Pup play can bring about self-awareness, and relaxation and be a form of therapy for some. Enjoy whatever aspect of it you choose.