Should you own multiple pup hoods?

Yes you should definitely own multiple pup hoods. Like other kinds of lifestyles, puppy hood has its own perks and lifestyle maintenance. There are gears to buy and maintain, functions, pup play parties to attend in these gears too. If you are a pup, you may have several leather or neoprene apparels. Having several pup hoods is something you should do too. Consider why you should. 

Why multiple pup hoods is the best

Owning multiple pup hoods is a great idea for the following reasons:

For practicality

Pup hoods are manufactured using various types of materials for a good reason. Some are made of neoprene, others are made of more durable materials like leather. 

Being able to wear a pup hood that fits a particular function is an underrated advantage. 

So for the reason of being practical, definitely own multiple pup hoods. 

For comfort

Functionality improves comfort. Understanding the import of the difference in pup hood materials helps you make decisions on which pup hood to wear at every given time. Consider what pup hood decision you would likely make if your master were to need you by the poolside. Leather pup hoods become soggy in water, causing discomfort. Whereas leather pup hoods do great in low temperatures providing warmth. 

For styling purposes

You should consider owning multiple pup hoods for the purpose of being able to appear stylish. The puppy hood is a beautiful place, spicing it up with different colors and styles every time you appear is one of the best things to observe. Except where your master says otherwise, a pup who owns multiple pup hoods is commendable. So wearing different pup hoods for different outfits is cool. 

For deepening headspace

If you are into this sort of thing—headspace, I mean—then you should consider having several pup hoods. You can vary your headspace experience with different pup hoods. Leather pup hoods may cause you to feel a certain way that neoprene hoods don't. So also is when you combine each of your pup hoods with different outfits, you get to put yourself in a frame of mind that is different every time. Varying ones outfit have been linked to behavioral differences. Pup hoods too can alter your state of mind. Identifying how you feel whenever you wear a particular pup hood can allow you to determine a lot about your puppy experience. 

To match outfit and play mood

Having multiple pup hoods can allow you to more appropriately match your play with your outfit. You will find that outfits have a way of matching different activities. For example, neoprene pup hoods look better than leather types in front of live cams. 

The reason is because most neoprene pup hoods have more varying colorways than leather pup hoods. 

If all your outfits are leather, having only one neoprene type of design pup hood may not always match your outfit. 

Being able to match the different styles in your wardrobe with the appropriate pup hood is one of the coolest things you can do. 

To match your pup identity

And here is perhaps one of the most interesting reasons to own multiple pup hoods. You come to a point where you can separate hoods that match your pup identity. This is especially if you make your own pup hoods, or you have someone make them according to your specifications. 

It is much like other types of outfits. Some folks prefer wearing jeans because it speaks more to the person they are fashion wise. It is much like this too with pup hoods. 

Final thoughts

Pup hoods are an objective thing. There is no rule that says you must have multiple pup hoods. However, from the foregoing, it is clear that the benefits are rich.