A Guide to Pup hoods

One look at a pup hood and you can tell there's an interesting story behind it. For observers of the roleplay that involves wearing a pup hood for pup play, it is only a mask, but for wearers of pup hoods, you'd hear things like, dog space.

 So what are pup hoods, what are different kinds of pup hoods? And what's it like to wear one?

Keep reading to find out. 

What are pup hoods? 

Pup hoods are shaped like a dog's head. They are made with materials like neoprene and leather or a combination of both. There are pup hoods made of spandex too.  Pup hoods feature different designs. Some completely cover the head of the wearing exposing only the eyes through an open eyelet. Others go further and feature ears shaped like a dog's own, and a long snout. Some pup hoods don't completely cover the head. You can see the wearer's hair, nose, eyes and ears, with the exception of the mouth. 

What are different types of pup hoods? 

Depending on your personal taste and fetish, you can have the following types of pup hoods: 

Leather pup hoods

These types of pup hoods are made with leather fabrics. Most pup hoods made out of leather cover the head completely. And they feature the ears and snouts of a dog. Other types of leather pup hoods feature just a leather strap that crosses the head and is attached to a mask over the mouth. 

Rubber pup hoods

These pup hoods are made out of rubber materials. However, in these pup hoods, rubber is used sparingly in the design in conjunction with other more heat resistant materials like neoprene or even leather.  Sometimes the runner is everywhere but around the nose and mouth area. 

Neoprene pup hoods

This is the most popular material that pup hoods are made of. Neoprene is a resistant synthetic material that resembles rubber. It is resistant to heat, oil and doesn't weather easily. It is this resistant properties of neoprene that makes it one of the best materials for pup hoods. 

Wearers find it more comfortable, with some even sleeping in it. 

What's it like to wear pup hoods? 

It is dark, relatively quiet and mostly fuzzy. Much depends on the wearer and the type of material the pup hood is made of.  Some wearers feel nothing special, for them it's only an accessory for a roleplay. For others it is a deeper experience. Some would tell you wearing a pup hood is immersive. They are transported to a different plane where they are not quite human anymore. 

For still others, it is not just an accessory, and there's no astral transportation. For them it is akin to how some feel about religious items. It is a sacred accessory. 


You likely thought pup hoods were for real dogs before you stumbled on this article. By now you understand that anything is possible, and that human interests and fetishes can diverge immensely. If you are still curious about pup hoods, perhaps a little trial can help you further. If you find one, try it on, see what the pup hood wearers sees.