How to Handle Your Pup

The BDSM experience involves two parties at the very least and it is all about role play or pup play. This is even though it is mostly themed on sexual actions with kink tendencies displayed. Because of the role-play features, it is possible to have a handler (that is more like a dom) and a pup (more like a sub). The handler-pup relationship is more defined as a kind of dom-sub relationship but the characters need to understand how to roleplay well enough.

Some tips will be shared in the bid to help. Most especially, the focus would be on the handler as they are in a better position to make the experience a thrilling one even for the pup(s).


  • It Is Always Down to Mutual Consent, Fun, and Safety


    In the spirit of having sexual and non-sexual fun through the handler-pup relationship, the major aims should not be defeated. The aims are that all parties (the handler and the pup) agree to the arrangement, feel safe about it, and consider it exciting.

    There is a huge question mark on the purpose of this relationship if one or more of these aims are not in place. So, you should go back to the drawing board and ensure that both you and your pup(s) are fine with the arrangement, feel safe playing your roles, comfortable in your pup hood, and enjoy doing it. It is until you are sure about these that you can pay attention to other things.


  • Different Strokes for Different Pups


    The truth is that the handling of a pup is also going to be down to the type that you have. For the record, many types of pups could be had. Kink pups and service pups are just two out of the several kinds.

    The point here is that you need to understand the demands of being a handler in light of the kind of pup you have. For example, a handler of a kink pup needs to come to terms with the need to push the pup to certain limits. But as stressed earlier, the basis of consent, excitement, and safety must not be lacking.


  • Basic Training


    It has been mentioned time and time again here that the handler-pup relationship is about role-playing. We also stressed how there are peculiarities that largely determine how the handler has to take charge.

    But even at that, there are basic pieces of training that you should know as a handler and instill in your pup(s). A wide range of things should be covered in the training. Some of the areas in question include things like chores performance, learning commands, socialization skills, rewards, and punishment.


  • Communicate Outside of Role Playing


    The fact that the handler-pup relationship is role-playing no matter how long it lasts at a stretch means that both parties would come out of it at some point. At that point, having honest conversations about the handler-pup relationship can help the handler perform better.

    This is because the sub will be able to share some vital information that would help improve the sexual or non-sexual role play. For example, the pup can inform the handler (off the record) about the extent they are willing to go to get punished and how much they are willing to take.

    The point here is the need for both the handler and the pup(s) to talk about spicing things up before they put on their pup hoods when they are not role-playing. This would help the handler and even the pup a lot as experience has shown.


    Handling pups properly as a handler is mostly about understanding their peculiarities and ensuring that you play the handler’s role bearing this in mind. It is more about this and less about following some guidelines that could work for one handler and turn out bad for another. In the bid to handle your pup properly as a handler, you should not cross the line of consent, fun, and safety as also explained here.