What is a Pup Play Hood?

The pup play hood is gaining popularity, especially in the gay community. To partake in pup play, you need some accessories such as the hood, the collar lock, tail plug, and others. Keep reading for more information on the hood, which is one of the most important accessories. 

What is pup play hood?

Partaking in the adult pup role-play in the gay community requires that you wear a hood, especially if you will be acting as the pup. The pup play hood is a dog head-shaped mask that is made of different materials such as neoprene, leather, or a combination of both. It is worn on the head of the person acting as the pup. Also, it has different features, and the type you will opt for depends on your preference.

Features of the pup play hood

A typical pup play hood is a dog-shaped mask that is worn by pups in the gay community. Below are some of its features.

Exposed eyes

Acting as a pup doesn’t mean that your vision will be blocked also. In most cases, the eyes of the hood are completely or partially open so that the wearer could see what is going on and obediently follow the master’s instructions.


It is unlikely that a pup is allowed to speak in the pup play. The pup is allowed to bark, depending on the instruction of the master. Irrespective of the material that you opt for, the pup play hood has a muzzle that ensures that the mouth is shut. However, the muzzles are designed to be detachable, which gives access to the mouth, especially when the pup wants to feed.


Depending on your preference, the pup hood mask is made from different materials. The most common are the ones made from leather or neoprene. Moreover, the hood is also made in different colors.

Dog snout design

A typical pup hood is designed to replicate the head of a biological dog. It covers the ears completely, with a protruding nozzle and a long ear that looks like that of a dog.

Benefits of the pup play hood

Human fantasies differ, the same way some people buy the pup play hood for its benefits. Below are some of its benefits

Concealed identity

In a world relatively dominated by straight culture, some people are shy to identify with their sexual orientation. The pup play hood could help you overcome that as it will conceal your identity.

Enhanced play experience

The experience of the pup play isn’t complete when you do not appear like one. With the hood, you take on the look of a biological dog, which enhances the overall experience.


Irrespective of the size of your head, the pup play hood is easy to wear and it fits rightly. Moreover, the material is soft and it stretches, which makes it comfortable for you to wear for many hours.


Though the pup play hood isn’t compulsory in the gay community, some people enjoyed acting and being treated like a dog. Are you curious about knowing the fantasy and the joy that the users derive? Do not hesitate to buy one.