Puppy Hood Guide

Not many understand the growing appeal of pup play. Perhaps the comprehension can begin from examining one of the paraphernalia of the kink. One of the apparels you'd see among members of the gay community is the puppy hood. This article examines the features of a pup hood or "puppy hood" and reasons why people wear it. 

Features of a Puppy Hood

If you haven't touched a puppy hood before or worn one, here are the features:

Neoprene or leather material 

Puppy hoods are made of leather or neoprene materials. Neoprene is kind of stretchy and gives wearers a fresh feeling. Leather on the other hand is cool on the skin. 

Hoods have ears

Yes, ears like those of dogs. It's shaped that way because puppy hoods are used in role plays or cosplays where the wearers identify as dogs. The wearer answers to an owner or a master. More in the master thing in a bit. Full head puppy hoods hide the wearer's human ears though. 

Hoods have snouts

Dogs have snouts and since puppy hoods are used for role plays, the mask features snouts which can vary in length. Some snouts extend as long as a doberman's. And there are puppy hoods shaped like a real doberman's head. 

They have eyelets

Not because dogs have eyes, but because the wearer needs to see their way around, right. But don't hope to recognize the wearer just by their eyes though. 

Holes for ventilation

Most puppy hoods feature holes for ventilation in the snout area. The snout in most hoods are detachable for when the wearer needs to take a drink or get some air, whatever the case. 

A leash and collar

Yes, some puppy hoods come with a leash attached to the back, and a collar hanging from the neck. Some have zippers at the back that allows you to take the hood off. 

Reasons why people wear puppy hoods

This are a few reasons why you should wear a puppy hood:

You like the kinky side of life

Many who wear puppy hoods love the edge of sexuality. They have looked over that edge and would love to taste what it is like. So they pick up a puppy hood and get adopted. Do you like kinky sexual ways? Then you should try a puppy hood.

For the community

There's a community of pups now. They are in your city, it doesn't matter that you haven't seen them. One little search may send you down that colorful street too. It is a close knit community of people who share the same fetish. There's strength in numbers, and there's fun too. 

It is a cool mask, really

Like I said earlier, it is not just expressing your preference sexually. It is also a cool way to look. It gives you the opportunity to be different in a world awash with bland colors and crowd pleasers. You have the opportunity to please only one master, your owner. 

Final thoughts

Wearing a puppy hood could involve some penetrative sex, but not necessarily. 

What matters is you are indulging your innermost desire to be what you really are, a pup.