Sleeping in a pup hood

Many people find it uncomfortable to sleep with their clothes on. Furthermore, those who live in places where the climate is warm prefer to go to bed with as little clothes on as possible. It is no wonder then why sleeping with a pup hood may raise some concerns. 

The following are the reasons why it raises concern:

It may be too tight

If the pup hood is too tight around your neck, the area below your ears or over the top of your nose, then it may be a cause of discomfort during pup play and you may find it difficult to fall asleep. Even a well ventilated pup hood may still be too tight around the neck and lead to discomfort. 

The feeling that something is choking around your neck can be a source of bad dreams for people. And if you suffer from claustrophobia, then the situation may even be worse for you. 

If the pup hood is not well ventilated

One of the reasons why a dog person may not want to wear a pup hood to bed is if the hood lacks a proper mesh over the mouth and nose area. 

This is especially the case if the pup hood is homemade or a product of a DIY attempt. 

There are different types and designs of pup hoods. If the one you have doesn't fit well it may cause you discomfort. A loosely fit hood will shift in the course of the night, interrupt your sleep or even cause injury to your neck or head. 

A too snug fit

A snuggly pup hood is one of the best hoods to wear. But here is where there may be quite a problem. Even a snug fit may chafe your skin over the night if the inside of the hood is not properly lined or padded. 

If you suffer from Claustrophobia

If you suffer from claustrophobia then you may cringe at the prospect of wearing a hood to bed. You are not alone, and your situation is not abnormal. A too snug pup hood may cause difficulties in bed, or a hood that's not properly ventilated. 

How to sleep with a pup hood

Sleeping with a pup hood can be easy for you if you follow these steps: 

Find a comfortable hood

First step is finding the hood that's peculiar to you, a hood that you are comfortable with. One way to know if your hood is good to sleep with is wearing it constantly until it becomes second skin. 

Ventilation is important

Make sure the pup hood has a proper opening for your nose and mouth. It does no good to breathe in the hood and mist it up with your breath. One way to find out if your hood will do well at night is to take naps in it in the day. The more you get comfortable napping your pup hood and pup collar, the easier it is to sleep at night with it. 

Mind your sleeping position

One of the challenges you will face with sleeping in your pup hood is finding a sleeping position that is convenient with the hood on. 

One of the best positions to sleep in when you have your hood on is on your side. Sleeping with a soft pillow for your head also minimizes discomfort. Sleeping on your back, on your belly are also great positions. 

Final thoughts

At first, it will feel weird to have a hood on when you sleep. But with constant practice you will begin to feel more at ease and comfortable with it. 

It will grow on you with no time as you constantly sleep in your pup hood.