What is a pup mask?

A pup mask sometimes called pup hood is a high-quality sex product made from neoprene designed for pup play. It is designed with durable materials which are stretchy and soft. This pup mask is breathable, comfortable and easy to wear. It feels nice and you can't find a zipper not lace to mess with. The muzzle can be removed so that it's easy to gnaw on a bone or drink water without removing it.

Features of the pup mask

Pup mask colours are many with the majority being blue, black, and grey. However, on request, you can get other colours. The size of the pup mask is usually average and makes it comfortable for you to wear. Usually, they are stretchable irrespective of your head size. The circumference of the product is around 23 to 24 inches. From the chin to your crown, expect 28 inches and 69.2 cm. Moreover, the muzzle can be removed and comes with two nostrils which allow you to breathe easily. Pup mask also usually comes with a men's chest harness and dog head mask. It's very fine and can be worn to LGBT carnivals, costume parties, Halloween and other social functions. 

Benefits of using the pup mask

Many people buy and wear pup masks because of the many benefits they gain from them. 

Comfortable and expressive

Firstly, this mask makes people feel comfortable and expressive. It allows them to display their animalistic personality without hurting anyone. Mentally it helps people to be more confident and in tune with their inner instincts. Many have been in depression for months but need something to make them positive, with pup hoods they are covered. 

Maximum Pleasure at minimum cost

Pup masks are affordable and offer people an avenue to have fun with their partners. This product can be a way to switch off and enjoy the master/slave role with your partner. It makes you more submissive and you can be assured to have a better understanding of how sex should be.

Customized Pup Mask

You could also get the ones that match your outfit, since many people wear them for a while. Anytime you are going out, just get a product that matches your clothing and off you go. It makes you different from others in a positive way and many people are attracted to you.

Furthermore, the pup mask makes you want and safe as most puppies are. The feeling when you wear a pup mask and are gently put in a safe cage is heavenly. The love that's shown by people around you makes you always wear a pup mask.

Feel special in your space

However, for some, it's just an accessory item they wear to cover the head. It's more of a protective hood to them as they move around the street. It's comfortable and makes them anonymous to others. While going to social parties and carnivals, with the intent to be private, these pup masks can be a good idea.

Getting a pup mask can be a great idea if you need to feel special in your space. Pup masks are durable, trendy and can be fashionable.