What's it like wearing a pup hood?

So there are individuals whose fetish is dressing in neoprene or leather masks and clothes, chains around their neck, and pretending to be dogs. You may have seen any of these masks before and wonder how it feels underneath. 

This article is set to answer this question, read on.

It feels like being in your own head

One of the things that happens when you wear a pup hood is you drift into your own headspace for pup play. The occurrence is different from person to person. 

What enhances this feeling of being out in your own inner space is the fact that you're seeing everything through the eyelets and not being aware of the rest of your body. 

It can become humid in the pup hood

You may experience some sweating in the hood, especially if you are one who's prone to sweating. You can also experience a buildup of humid air which may lead to rashes around your neck when you wear the pup hood for prolonged periods. 

The risk of claustrophobic attack

It can be uncomfortable under a pup hood. Especially if you have a phobia for enclosed spaces. Though most pup hoods have plenty of allowances for the nose and mouth, still, the snug feeling of hood over your nose and mouth can trigger the feeling of claustrophobia. It gets better and more comfortable with constant use though. 

A comforting feeling

Other than achieving a headspace state, it can actually be comforting in a pup hood. If you go to bed in a pup hood, you'd find that you fall asleep easily, sleep longer and if you usually experience discomfort from dreams or nightmares, a pup gear usually relieves these problems. 

It is like being a pup

Have you ever wondered what it is like in a pups world? Wearing a pup hood puts you in an approximate state of mind, close to what an obedient pup would feel. 

In a dog relationship, the master loves his obedient pup because he says little and follows every instruction from his master. It becomes much easier for a pup to listen to his master, the comfortable, silent aura of the pup hood sets the mood for this obedience. 

It feels sacred

The symbolism of being a pup, being owned by a master is enhanced when you wear a pup hood. Without the hood, it is easier to forget who you really are. The pup hood transports you from one extreme of the spectrum—the human side—to the other extreme where you experience the essence of a true puppy. 

The puppy play is just not complete until you achieve this phase, and a pup hood is an essential tool to get to this pup space. 

It lifts the spirit

The pup hood helps you hide what you think you are from yourself, which is human. It helps you see inward into the alternate person, which is a pup. 

This is a spirit lifting experience. The pup hood defines you, not just as a self affirmation, but even to the world. While in your headspace and with your master, the pup allows you to feel that you are doing what's best for you, pleasing your master. This leads to a lifting of the spirit. As some say, there's more happiness when you give—obedience—than when you receive it. 

Feeling of contentment

With a pup hood you have the ability to be anything: goofy, playful, fun loving, without fear of being judged by others. This is one of the best feelings a pup hood gives you. 

A pup hood allows you to be content and pleased with yourself. Your view of your surroundings is narrowed down to a simple objective: being a pup. 

Final thoughts

Wearing a pup hood is a subjective thing. There are a wide range of feelings to experience and these are just a few. Until you put one on, you never know exactly what you might find.